And Nat tells NME.COM her hubby Liam Howlett is her "biggest fan"...

Ex-ALL SAINT NICOLE APPLETON has spoken exclusively to NME.COM about how life with LIAM GALLAGHER has inspired her new album.

Meanwhile sister Natalie has admitted that her husband, the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett, is the girls’ biggest fan.

“Liam’s there when I do it, he loves it and he’s really proud of me,” Natalie said. “He’ll hear something and he’ll have an idea. He’s just very proud of me and Nic. He’s our biggest fan.”


After the bitter break-up with Shaznay Lewis and Mel Blatt from All Saints last year, the sisters return in September as Appleton with a debut single ‘Fantasy’.

The album ‘Aloud’ follows in November. Song titles include ‘MWA (Mystic Wisdom of the Ancients)’, ‘Long Long Road’, ‘Ring-A-Ding-Ding’, ‘The Day Before’, ‘Don’t Worry’, ‘All Grown Up’ (the one Nicole Appleton-penned song), ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Waiting For Your Love’, ‘Supernaturally’ and ‘5am’.

The sisters say they have no plans to collaborate with their partners, but they do play them their music.

“It’s great having two of the best ears in pop or rock giving us advice,” said Nicole.

Asked about Liam Gallagher’s input, Nicole explained: “He just says it’s fucking great. The only advice he gives me is that I have to hold my head up high because that’s what I deserve with this album and fuck everybody else.”

Comparing Appleton with All Saints, Natalie said: “Everything is better. Our hands aren’t tied behind our backs any more and we’re able to express ourselves the way we want to. All Saints was so long ago. It’s basically like an old relationship.”


She added: “I’ve no idea if Shaznay’s heard it (‘Fantasy’). I’m not really bothered what she thinks. I wish her well. We all gave Shaznay credit for her writing. We didn’t mind her getting the credit, it’s just that we were put down all the time. That didn’t seem fair.”

The sisters have also written a book called ‘Together’, which will be published in the autumn. “The book is amazing, it’s such a big eye opener to everybody who wants to get involved in the business,” said Natalie. “It was a hard thing to do, there were a lot of tears but it was very therapeutic. When I look back it’s laughable now to think how we let people manipulate us. There is a specific period that is pretty dark, but I can’t speak about that right now.”

Nicole added: “I’ve kind of read it to Liam just for an opinion. He said it was brilliant, he just takes his hat off to me for being so honest..”

Asked if Liam Gallagher was ‘intense’ to live with, Nicole told NME.COM: “Hmm, yeah he is. But I wouldn’t want someone too easy to live with, I like a little bit of edge. He certainly has a bit of edge. We fight over the stereo and the stereo in the car, everything. We agree on the stuff we won’t play. I don’t think he would allow me to play any ‘Pop Idol’ stuff in the car. You know what he doesn’t like. I don’t think we’d be able to play any Robbie Williams .”

Asked about ‘Heathen Chemistry’ and the Liam-penned ‘Songbird’ written about her, Nicole simply said: “I love it.”

Of the Finsbury Park shows, she said: “It was amazing, absolutely incredible. Gene had his first birthday party at Finsbury Park. There’s only one child that can do that and that’s Liam Gallagher’s son! Backstage he had a huge big marquee with a bouncy castle and a dressing up room. All the band’s kids came and it was amazing. He went to a festival for his first birthday. It made it easier because Liam was working obviously and we couldn’t have a party at home. So Liam and Noel were like ‘Why don’t you have it here?’ So we spent the whole afternoon, it was lovely.”

The Appleton’s single, ‘Fantasy’, is released on Polydor on September 2.