Phillip Byrne denies walking into three London shops and warning staff a bomb was planted in each...

A former tour manager of ALL SAINTS and EAST 17 has appeared in court accused of making bogus bomb threats while claiming to be a member of dissident terror group the Real IRA.

Philip Byrne wept in Southwark Crown Court yesterday (July 12) when he was accused of walking into three different central London shops on October 5 last year, warning staff that a bomb was planted in each and giving them 15 minutes to evacuate.

Byrne told the court he was “out of it” and could barely remember being in Piccadilly on the day in question. He said he had been at the MOBO awards the night before and believed his drinks to have been spiked.

According to a report in the Daily Record, Paul Cavin, prosecuting, said Byrne visited clothes shop Oasis, the restaurant Ponti’s and Waterstones bookshop to tell each a bomb was inside. On each occasion the alleged threat was more or less the same.

“One might be a little sceptical at someone walking in off the street and telling you there is a bomb. It is not the usual way you would expect the IRA or a terrorist organisation to behave,” he said.

Byrne has denied making bomb threats.

The trial continues.