The sisters say old bandmates Mel Blatt and

Pop duo NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON have celebrated their chart success by launching a bitter verbal assault on their old ALL SAINTS bandmates.

The sisters, set to enter the UK Top Ten at Number Two today (September 8) with debut single ‘Fantasy’, claim in UK tabloid The News Of The World that Mel Blatt and Shaznay Lewis branded them “dollybirds”, declared songs they wrote unsuitable and banned their partying.

Natalie said: “We never got on with them. But it wasn’t us who wanted to split. Mel didn’t want to be in the band – she was unhappy. We would have stuck with it.”

Natalie added: “Every time we were in the newspapers for going out partying they didn’t like it. They didn’t let us do anything in the end. We were banned from going to parties and stayed at home.”

Nicole, girlfriend of Oasis wildman Liam Gallagher, admitted: “It got so bad that I lost all confidence.

“They felt they were the musical ones. We were able to do a couple of songs, but what we wrote wasn’t appropriate for All Saints – that’s what we were told.

“Anyway, we’ve written our album ‘Aloud’, and our single’s going to be Top Five, which we’re really happy about.”

All Saints split in 2001 after a four-year run of success which yielded five UK chart-topping singles, including ‘Never Ever’ and ‘Pure Shores’.