Limp Bizkit and Spooks sample the single life, but it's the troubled all-girl group who threaten Jennifer Lopez...

ALL SAINTS, LIMP BIZKIT, SPOOKS, TERRORVISION, PINK and ATB all release new singles today (January 15), in the hope of knocking JENNIFER LOPEZ off the Number One spot.

All Saints release ‘All Hooked Up’, the third single from their ‘Saints and Sinners’ album, today via London. In addition, Pink releases ‘You Make Me Sick’ via Arista, and Spooks release what could be their breakthrough single, ‘Things I’ve Seen’ via Epic. Also, Limp Bizkit release ‘Rollin” via Interscope.

A chart expert at HMV in London told NME.COM the main contender for the top spot is likely to be All Saints, but a handful of the other releases should also do well.

He commented: “Of all the releases, All Saints will provide the main challenge to Jennifer Lopez, but Pink, Limp Bizkit and Spooks could all do well. Everything else should fall out of the Top Ten. ”

Elsewhere, ATB featuring York release ‘The Fields Of Love’ via Club Tools, up-and-coming popsters Boom! Release ‘Falling’ via London, Everything But The Girl release ‘Tracey In My Room’ via VC Recordings and Terrorvision release ‘D Ya Wanna Go Faster’ via Papillion

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