All Saints are facing legal action from two American songwriters who claim they wrote 'Never Ever'...

All Saints are facing a law suit from two American songwriters who claim they recorded the hit single ‘Never Ever’ with member Shaznay Lewis in 1996.

The duo, Sean Mather and Robert Jazayeri, were reported to be suing the band in a story in the Sunday tabloid News Of The World on August 30, which has since been reported on US music website Wall Of Sound. Lewis will contest the suit.

The singles, which was at No 1 on the British charts in January this year, has sold three million copies around the world.


Meanwhile the group, who made their first UK festival appearance at the V98 concerts last months, had to cancel a promotional show at Los Angeles’ Venice Beach on Friday (August 28) because they had failed to get a permit for the performance.

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