The All Saint rails against corporate pop and apathetic teens in this week's NME...

ALL SAINTS’ MELANIE BLATT has hit out at the corporate pop industry and slammed the lack of rebellion in today’s teens.

Speaking in this week’s NME, on sale nationwide today (September 20), she rants: “Everyone’s so fucking normal and boring and average. There’s no rebellion, all the corporations, consumers, all the media, everything basically, they’ve won. Twenty, thirty years ago, kids went out of their way to not do what their parents did, and wanted to change the world. No-one wants to do that any more – they’re very happy just to consume, take what they’ve been force-fed. ‘The next big thing? I’ll have that!’

“They don’t even think there’s another world out there because they don’t even know. That’s what the world is. And I can’t change it and won’t change it, ‘cos I’m just as lazy as the next person. I mean, what am I doing? I’m a vocalist! Everyone’s just kushty in their own armchairs. I would have loved there to have been a point in my life where I stood up for what I believed in! And marched everywhere! With a big placard!”


She also admitted that she found the fact that All Saints forgot the words to ‘Never Ever’ at this year’s festivals hilarious: “I don’t think I’ve ever sung ‘Never Ever’ all the way through properly, ‘cos you think you don’t have to think about it. But Tina Turner‘s on Autocue after 50 years! That’s so me!”

And she added: “We’re not that serious. What Shaznay writes, she means, but we’re fucking not REM. We’re entertainment.”

In the interview, Nicole Appleton, who revealed that she almost quit the band in 1998 because of the pressure of fame, also slammed former fianci Robbie Williams, who declared that he had never been in love with her, after she started dating his foe Liam Gallagher. She said: “I thought, you c***. I was never the bad guy, I was always there.”

She spoke about going to drug rehab sessions with him, and said: “It was really full-on. I was shitting myself. It was scarring. It would never happen like that again. I’m not a sucker. I’m not going to pick up the pieces again. Go to fucking rehab clinics with them again and do all that.”

And she said of current beau Liam: “We talk about our days together, how he gets angry when people throw shit at him. We have a laugh, it’s not that serious. We’re not getting married. I’m just extremely happy.”