But they're clutching at straws now - see for yourself. Chart-topping brickie Bob The Builder's swearing controversy is much more interesting...

It’s Thursday, and the ALL SAINTS media frenzy appears to be grinding to a halt…apart from in the DAILY STAR, who devote almost half a page to the revelation that NATALIE APPLETON is now “living in sin” with her other half, PRODIGY mainman LIAM HOWLETT.

A ‘close pal’ of the couple said: “They are really happy with how things are going so they feel comfortable to spend the night with each other regularly…you could say they are living together.” Great.

: “The other lads in the band are delighted. They have been really supportive. They always say I’m the silly one and act like a baby, so it should be fun.”

Not even Bob The Builder is safe from the eagle eye of the UK tabloids. He is at the centre of “a four-letter mystery” following allegations that the kids TV star shouts “fucking hell” after losing his temper while decorating. After an extensive investigation by The Mirror, a spokesperson for Bob has put the allegations down to “muttering”…

Until tomorrow.