The songwriter says that she can't see the band getting back together again...

ALL SAINTS are finally admitting that the group’s career has run its course, with celebrated songwriter SHAZNAY LEWIS admitting “we were a great band, but I can’t see us getting back together again”.

A statement issued recently described the band’s current plans as being “on ice”, but Lewis has taken the news one step further by saying: “It’s a shame, but we just couldn’t keep it together. We were a great band but I can’t see us getting back together again. There are too many problems and we can’t work things out.”

As well as working with Robbie Williams’ songwriter Guy Chambers, Lewis has been working with All Saints producer K-Gee with at least one track, with the working title ‘Shaznay vs K-Gee’ nearing completion.

NME.COM was played a rough version of the K-Gee track, which shows a more aggressive, urban approach than All Saints’ last album, earlier this year, though a release date has yet to be set.