SAINTS ALIVE! has all the details...

All Saints are set to return with a new single in OCTOBER, can reveal.

The band are scheduled to release a brand new song, ‘Black Coffee’, through London Records on October 2. The single will be the follow-up to the band’s number one single ‘Pure Shores’, which was released in February and featured on the soundtrack to the film ‘The Beach’. B-sides for ‘Black Coffee’ are yet to be confirmed.

The single will precede the band’s second album which has a working title of ‘Saints and Sinners’. The album is the band’s first for almost three years and is scheduled to be released on October 16, also through London.

Working titles for new songs which may appear on the record include ‘Distance’, ‘Saints And Sinners’ and ‘Get Down’. The band have also been performing a cover of the Aerosmith and Run DMC song ‘Walk This Way’ in their live set, but it remains unclear whether this will feature on the new album. All Saints play the Main Stage at this weekend’s (August 19/20) V2000 festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire.