All Time Low: ‘We’re halfway through writing our next record’ – video

Pop punkers also heavily hint that they'll be playing Reading and Leeds this year

All Time Low have revealed that they are around “halfway through” writing the follow-up to their 2011 album ‘Dirty Work’.

Speaking to NME.COM in a video which you can see by scrolling up to the top of the page and clicking, singer Alex Gaskarth has said that he has nine songs written for the band’s new album and hopes to write another 10 or 11 before they go in to record.

He said:

I’m about halfway through the writing process for the next record. We got back from tour and I realised that I just had so much to say. I shut myself in a studio and wrote about nine songs. I’d like to write another 10 or 11 when we get back next time.

The singer also spoke about the songs he’s written so far and described the band’s new material as “brutally honest”.

He added: “A lot of what I’m writing is brutally honest to myself and I find that when you put that out there as an artist, people latch on it a lot easier. Our audience is smarter than people give them credit for, they don’t want to just be given noise and repetition, they want something real”.

Gaskarth also spoke about the band’s desire to record their fifth album in a different way to their previous efforts, saying that he wanted to record with one producer, rather than with a series of different collaborators, as they have done previously.

He said: “This time around we’re going to go with one producer, one allotted time to make the record and we’re going to make sure it’s ready to go.”

The frontman also dropped a huge hint that the band would be playing this summer’s Reading And Leeds Festivals.

He said: “I know that we’re talking about doing some of the festivals, particularly two that fall at the end of the summer, I know we’re shooting for those.”

You can see another video of the band discussing their pre-show routines and the devotion of some of their fans below: