Aloe Blacc, Vic Mensa and more feature on new album ‘Defund the Sheriff’

It was birthed as a part of a campaign to shift funding from police and incarceration in Los Angeles County

Aloe Blacc and Vic Mensa are among the host of artists that have both contributed to a new benefit album, ‘Defund the Sheriff’.

It was birthed as a part of a campaign to shift funding from police and incarceration in Los Angeles County toward other public services following the recent Black Lives Matter demonstration sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Created in collaboration with and produced by JusticeLA, Schools Not Prisons, Question Culture, and Reform LA Jails, the record is part of a larger #DefundTheSheriff campaign calling on LA County to divest resources from policing and incarceration toward community safety, education, mental health resources, affordable housing, and drug treatment.


Protesters carry a Black Lives Matter sign during a march denouncing police brutality and systemic racism in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. CREDIT: Scott Heins/Getty Images

Blacc said in a statement: “Meaningful jobs, access to education, sustainable housing, mental health resources, and financial security stop crime. Decades of research prove that law enforcement do not stop or even deter crime. We need a complete revolution. Repair and restore the people!”

Other contributors to Defund the Sheriff include Madame Gandhi, 88, XXX, Rain Phoenix, Aja Monet, and Indigo Mateo.

Ivette Ale, a lead organizer at JusticeLA said: “JusticeLA has been at the forefront of a deeply transformative vision for Los Angeles — a vision that ends our reliance on incarceration and policing and creates the world our communities deserve.

“This album is an expression of that vision set to music. Our goal is to spark the imaginations of listeners with truth and move them to take action. The music will support our upcoming campaigns to defund the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, stop the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for sheriff lawsuits, and invest those dollars in alternatives to incarceration and community-based care.


“It is long overdue that the county prioritizes the health and wellness of our communities over violent systems. This album joins the chorus of demands for real public safety.”

Here is the tracklist for ‘Defund the Sheriff’ (The Album):

1 ‘Largest Jail System on Earth’ – Vic Mensa / Lauren Jauregui / Richie Reseda: 

2  ‘Who Are You?’ – Jack Davey
3  ‘Black Is Beautiful’ – Avery Blackman:
4  ‘Here Rn’ – Indigo Mateo:
5 ‘There is Another Way’ – Aja Monet / Richie Reseda: 
6  ‘The Caging of Los Angeles’ – Vic Mensa / Noelle Scaggs / Richie Reseda:
7  ‘Shine Your Light’ – EMANON
8 ‘En Las Noches’ – Ceci Bastida
9 ‘Most Murderous Sheriff’s Department in America’ – Vic Mensa / Richie Reseda
10 ‘Kings In Chains’ – 88
11 ‘Breathe With Intention’ – Akeishein / Richie Reseda
12 ‘Gandhi Blues (Gizzle Remix)’ – Madame Gandhi: “ [ft. Gizzle]
13 ‘Beautiful Resistance’ – Mystic
14 ‘Weak and High’ XXX [ft. Rain Phoenix]
15  ‘Crumble’ – Maya Jupiter
16 ‘Deporting Freedom’ – Vic Mensa / Joey Dosik / Richie Reseda
17 ‘Lies’ – ON/NOTICE

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