Alt-J’s Thom Sonny Green issues update on band’s third album

Drummer also releases new solo song 'Oslo'

Alt-J drummer Thom Sonny Green has provided an update on the progress of the band’s next album.

The band followed their Mercury Prize-winning 2012 debut ‘An Awesome Wave’ with ‘This Is All Yours’ in 2014. More recently Green has been working on solo record ‘High Anxiety’, which is out next (August 19).

Speaking to NME, Green confirmed that, despite his solo ventures, Alt-J are “by no means” over and that the band have “lots of ideas” for their third LP.


“[We’re] very excited about it, I think it’s going to be pretty interesting,” Green said. “I feel like it’ll be different, but I don’t know. It’s funny that we write together so well and it comes pretty naturally and pretty quick.”


Pressed on what the album might sound like, Green replied: “I can’t predict it. You know, we write what we feel.”

He also stated that he has “no idea” when the album might be released and that recording hasn’t started yet.

Speaking to DIY, Green said on the topic of Alt-J’s next album: “All we ever want to do is write interesting things, so we might write an entire album with an acoustic guitar and a tambourine. We’ll see.”

Green’s album ‘High Anxiety’ is 21 tracks long. You can hear new track ‘Solo’ below.


Green will play his debut London solo show at The Lexington with Mothers on August 17.

The ‘High Anxiety’ tracklist is as below:

’40 Beers’
‘Neon Blue’