Alt-J ‘feeling excited’ to begin work on third album – watch

Band reveal to NME that they are in very early stages of making new music

Alt-J have said they are “feeling excited” to start work on a new album.

Speaking to NME at the first day of the Reading Festival (Friday), the band claimed they were looking forward to starting work on the follow-up to 2014’s ‘This Is All Yours’. The band returned to Reading for the third time, playing an hour-long set featuring tracks taken from their 2012 Mercury-nominated debut ‘’An Awesome Wave’ and last year’s ‘This Is All Yours’.

Keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton said: “After this tour is done, we’re going to have some break time, but we’re feeling excited about working on new stuff”.


Alt-J At Reading: Their Engrossing Set In Pictures

He added that plans for new material are at an early stage. “We’re not scheduling anything at this point. It’s too early to be talking about dates and things. We just want to have no pressure on us to produce something and do it as and when it feels right really.”

NMELaura Palmer/NME

The four-piece are second on the bill to headliners Mumford and Sons at the festival. Speaking about his festival highlights, Unger-Hamilton said that topping in the bill at Lattitude in July this year was a “big deal.”

“It was the first UK festival we’ve ever headlined,” he enthused. “I think that’s one that will be on my mind for a long time.”

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Frontman Joe Newman said his personal festival season highlight was performing on the Pyramid Stage of Glastonbury in June. “You can’t get bigger than Glastonbury and no band can be bigger than Glastonbury even if you’re headlining, so it’s always a pleasure to play there and be involved in that festival,” he noted. “I’d say it’s always in my top five so far of the last three years of touring and festivaling.”


Pressed on whether they have designs on a Glastonbury headline slot, Unger-Hamilton claimed it would be “cool” but is not “something we’re aiming for.”

“We don’t have our eye on particular festival slots,” he said. “We’re happy to play where we’re asked to play. Our main aims as a band are probably more to do with albums than they are to do with festival appearances.”

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