Alt-J on headlining Latitude for the second time, album four and bringing their ‘immersive’ sound show to America

"It should be a really, really dazzling show hopefully, in every sense."

Alt-J have opened up on the huge production they have planned for their second headline slot at Latitude Festival, along with the “immersive” sound system that they’ll be pioneering for their biggest ever US show later this year.

The alternative rockers will return to Suffolk’s Henham Park this summer for a second stab at the top spot after previously headlining in 2015.

Describing their headline slot, keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton told NME: “We’ve got a very big production planned, we’ve had this amazing production on this tour which I can officially say is an award winning production. Our lighting guys won a major award which was cool. We’re very proud of them for that and we’re going to bring the whole lot to Latitude and it should be a really, really dazzling show hopefully, in every sense.”


“Latitude we certainly really pushed for, I really wanted us to do Latitude again”, he added.

“That was one of the few examples of where I was saying to my manager ‘we have to do this show, please get us on the bill at this festival'”.

Away from Latitude, they’ll also head to New York later this year for Alt-J’s biggest US show at New York’s Forest Hills Stadium – which will see them pioneering a sound system that envelopes the whole audience.

“You can actually do some pretty wild things now with surround sound in gigs but most people are sticking to a fairly straight forward system with big speakers at the front which blast it out.”, he explained.

“In Alt J, we like to push boundaries and we are going to give it a go doing an immersive surround sound show in New York.  It’s going to be great to come back for our biggest American show ever and if it goes well who knows we hopefully can take it back to the UK and give it a go there.”


And while third album ‘Relaxer’ was only released last year, Alt J are already looking ahead to their fourth album.

“The fourth record is still very much a glint in our eye, it’s a very definite glint, but we haven’t recorded anything yet”, he explained .

“We’re slowly putting ideas together but we find it quite hard to focus on new material when we’re touring a current album, there’s ideas happening and we’ve got a few bits and pieces here and there that we’re looking forward to working on.”