Alt-J turned down chance to star in a Walker’s Crisps advert with Gary Lineker

"That was an example where it wasn’t about the money," the band said.

Alt-J have revealed that they once turned down the opportunity to star in a Walker’s Crisps advert alongside Gary Lineker.

The band released their third album Relaxer on June 2. The record’s lead single, ‘3WW’, was unveiled back in March, while ‘In Cold Blood’ arrived a few weeks later. It follows 2014’s ‘This Is All Yours’.

Speaking in an interview with The Quietus, the band were asked if they had ever turned down a commercial opportunity.


Frontman Joe Newman replied; “There was an offer from Walker’s Crisps, who wanted us to appear in an advert with Gary Lineker.”

“I think the idea was that he would have been trying to steal crisps from us. We didn’t do that because we didn’t want to be an act who played a role in the advert,” he continued.

“They offered us a lot of money. That was an example where it wasn’t about the money, it was more about not wanting a comical stage rivalry with Gary Lineker. Plus, he is very good at selling crisps and we are not.”

“We are good at eating crisps,” keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton added. When asked if it was because indie bands are not supposed to ‘sell out’, Newman said that Alt-J “don’t feel like an indie band”.

“In fact, we have never felt part of a music movement,” he explained.


“When we were in Leeds, we were very much on our own bubble, with our heads down making songs. We’d be asked about the Leeds music scene and who we were hanging out with – and we were on our own. So, I never thought of us as an indie band – and we have become a band that a largish group of people have got into – and that’s part of the reason we don’t think we are ‘sell outs’. We don’t subscribe to that way of thinking.”


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