“This is an altar for stoners”: Cypress Hill unveil their star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

"We love the star. It could have been a gold leaf, though, a gold weed leaf."

Cypress Hill have made history after becoming the first Latino hip-hop group to receive a prestigious star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The ‘Insane In The Brain’ group received the honour on Thursday afternoon (April 18) and joked about their well-documented love of cannabis as they delivered a speech to mark the occasion.

Rapper B-Real said: “We love the star. It could have been a gold leaf, though, a gold weed leaf. That would have been good too.


“This is going to be an altar for all stoners, for all cannabis culture right here. Come light your candles, dump your blunts, dump your joints, dump your bongs right here, pray for a great harvest. Thank you f***ing very much.”

The ceremony was also attended by some of the group’s biggest admirers – including rapper Xzibit and US talk show host George Lopez.

Xzibit said: “Their accomplishments and accolades reach deep in the roots and history books of hip-hop, and today is another chapter in that saga. ‘Yo, B-Real, Sen Dog, Muggs, Bobo: You are our Rolling Stones, Ungrateful Dead, you are the West Coast Public Enemy.”

The ceremony came after Sen Dog previously told NME that he was “honoured” to be joining the prestigious Walk of Fame.


“That’s an insane thing. I’ve never gone around and thought about the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Cypress Hill being on it.  I’ve thought about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame maybe, but when that [the walk of fame] happened, I was flattened,” he said.

“I was in shock, like ‘are you serious?’ I remember as a young kid going to Hollywood and seeing the Walk of Fame out there. I’d never really thought about it, but it’s a grand honour to be an act on the Walk of Fame. I’m very thankful for it, and if I could relive the last 30 years to get that star I’d do it all over again. I’m very honoured.”

Cypress Hill’s last album ‘Elephants on Acid’ arrived in September 2018.