Listen to Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff’s cover of Purple Rain

Former Dresden Dolls frontwoman gets together again with her longtime collaborator

Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff have teamed up for a second time this year to pay tribute to another sadly deceased musical legend.

After putting out a David Bowie covers EP in the spring following his untimely death, the pair have got together once more, to record an epic 10-minute version of Prince’s ‘Purple rain’ – featuring a string quartet – in order to commemorate his untimely death earlier this year at the age of just 57.

Any money they make from sales of the song are due to be donated to Elevate Hope, a charity which works with abused and abandoned children by offering them music therapy.


“Purple Rain was my first cassette tape, purchased with allowance money when I was about ten years old,” Palmer wrote. “It became the sole resident of the book-size silver Sony Walkman that I wore around my neck on a nylon strap.”

She added: “Prince was the soundtrack: my walk to school, my walk home from school, family trips in the car, my own little universe at night, falling asleep with headphones on, gazing at the Prince poster above my bed.”

Earlier this year, Palmer and Bischoff recorded ‘Strung Out in Heaven’, a collection of Bowie covers also arranged for strings.

Bischoff said: “Making the Bowie record had been so extremely therapeutic for us, and getting deep into those songs was such an intense and beautiful experience. It was no different working on this. It just gave me an even deeper love of one of the greatest musicians ever to walk this earth.”