Amanda Palmer on raising $1,000,000 on Kickstarter: ‘Never take people’s loyalty for granted’

The Dresden Dolls frontwoman explained that her 'dreams are always huge'

Amanda Palmer has spoken out about smashing fan-funding records and raising over $1,000,000 to fund her new solo album.

The Dresden Dolls singer took to fan-funding site Kickstarter to raise money for her forthcoming solo album ‘Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra’. Talking to Gothamist, Palmer said that she always ‘shoots high’. She explained:

My hope was that it would hit a million, but we budgeted in for closer to half that, and we would have dealt with the shifts if it had made less. One thing I’ve learned is that you don’t take anything for granted, especially people’s loyalty.

She added that “my dreams are always huge, and I always shoot high. My fans ride partly on my enthusiasm, I think. I get so excited for what can happen, and then they get excited to make it happen, and we infect and inspire each other like a beautiful fucking art snowball.”

She raised the money by taking pre-orders for future work and selling deluxe packages including backstage doughnut eating sessions and house parties. Palmer celebrated reaching the million dollar target with a street party in Brooklyn last week, which she called ‘epic’. She added that “the whole thing was sort of Yoko Ono meets Burning Man meets ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues'”, as the thousands of funders’ names were all written down in marker pen on the pages of ripped up telephone books, echoing the famous Bob Dylan music video.

Palmer explained that the overflow funds will be channelled back into making the album ‘more incredible’. She said: “And whatever’s left over goes into promoting the record when it’s released, including paying for more videos, making the tour more beautiful, and so on. No nose jobs and tummy tucks for the band. Not yet.”

Speaking to NME previously about the project, Palmer said: “This isn’t a shtick or a gimmick – the idea of releasing a record on a major label again for me is absurd. The music industry has long needed a new system and crowd-funding is it. The game is reversing – the media and the machine are following, rather than creating, the content.”

‘Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra’ will be released in September followed by a US and European tour this autumn. The Dresden Dolls last toured at the start of 2012 in Australia and New Zealand.