Amanda Palmer cancels all 2013 tour commitments

The singer songwriter wants to be close to her 'best friend' who is battling cancer

Amanda Palmer has cancelled all her touring commitments for next year in order to be close to her “life-long mentor” and “best friend” C Anthony Martignetti, who is currently battling cancer.

The singer songwriter wrote a blog post at explaining her decision. She said: “I’m canceling the upcoming year of touring so that i can stay with my friend anthony while he faces cancer treatment and whatever else is about to happen.”

She added that in 13 years of touring she’s “almost never” cancelled a show, but needs to spend the next year by her friend’s side. “I take my professional commitments really seriously. even if i’m sick, i play,” she wrote. “But i also take my friendships really seriously. this situation calls for no other solution. my best friend is really sick and his future is uncertain. so i am going to stay with him while he goes through this.”

Palmer explained that she was inspired to make the descision to cancel her shows after reading Fiona Apple‘s recent letter about calling off a run of South American tour dates in order to stay with her dying pet dog.

She said: “If you read fiona’s letter, you get that this isn’t just any dog, this is a core relationship in her life. that’s the way i feel about anthony. he’s always been there for me, and now it’s time for me to be there with him.”

Amanda Palmer was due to tour the UK with her backing band The Grand Theft Orchestra in March of next year.

She was set to play seven dates on the UK and Ireland run, kicking off at Dublin Academy on March 21 and finishing up at London Roundhouse on March 28, with stops in Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Brighton on the way.