Listen to Amanda Palmer speak to a troll who once sent her abuse online

The artist was put in the unusual position for an episode of the podcast 'Conversations with People Who Hate Me'

Amanda Palmer has spoken openly and frankly in a new podcast with a person who once sent her abuse on Twitter.

The musician had the unusual opportunity to converse with the woman, who was identified only as Colleen, as she guested on the Dylan Marron-hosted podcast ‘Conversations with People Who Hate Me’. The concept sees Marron “call some of the folks who [write negative messages on the internet to him], and other times he moderates calls between strangers to ask one simple question: why?”

Palmer was Marron’s guest for this week’s episode, which featured Palmer confronting Colleen after the latter wrote the message “I’m not sure I hate any celebrity the way I hate Amanda Palmer” on Twitter. A short preview clip of the episode can be heard below, where Palmer asks Colleen if she would have still written the tweet “if you could’ve imagined me on the other side of the computer reading it the next day?”


“No,” Colleen replies. “Honestly, I kinda wanna cry right now. Because [in the tweet] I’m telling somebody, who’s also a human being, ‘here’s a horrible thing I said about you.'” She later admits that she “didn’t know what I was thinking” in writing the message.

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{press play for audio clip} “honestly, i kinda wanna cry right now…” YES. me too. this podcast i just co-released wirh @dylanmarron is one of the hardest and best things i’ve done with my time for a while. i talked with colleen – the person who penned this tweet – for an hour. we went to some really difficult places. please take some time to listen to the whole thing – and if you’re a patron, i sent an extra off-the-record interview between me & dylan after we recorded the basic conversation. a portion of the patreon-thinging proceeds are going to the @trevorproject, who run a 24-hour confidential hotline to prevent LBGTQ teen suicide. follow dylan’s podcast info to listen, or join the patreon for $1 to get the full content – link to that locked post is in the bio right now and logging into patreon opens it up. THANK YOU DYLAN. AND THANK YOU HATERS, FOR MAKING ME A BETTER PERSON. xxx (? by @hayleyfiasco)

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Palmer described the experience as “one of the hardest and best things I’ve done with my time for a while”.

“I talked with Colleen – the person who penned this tweet – for an hour. We went to some really difficult places.”

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I always wanted to make an episode of Conversations with People Who Hate Me with Amanda Palmer. She lives and breathes empathy so she felt like a perfect fit. I imagined that our episode would be good… I didn't know it would be this good. Both Amanda and Colleen, the author of this tweet, do such a great job. Since this episode will be simultaneously released on both my podcast feed and Amanda's patreon, Amanda kindly insisted that she pay me for my work on this episode. But because this is an interview show I politely declined, noting that it would feel unethical to take money from a guest (in the same way it would be unethical to pay a guest) so instead she will donate some of her earnings from her patreon to @trevorproject, an amazing organization that provides a lifeline to at-risk LGBTQ folks. ?: @hayleyfiasco

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As both Palmer and Marron point out in the above Instagram posts, a portion of the proceeds from Palmer’s Patreon for this episode are going towards the charity The Trevor Project, who run a 24-hour confidential hotline to prevent LBGTQ teen suicide.


Last month, Palmer released her striking single ‘Drowning in the Sound’ which features on her upcoming new album ‘There Will Be No Intermission’.