Amanda Palmer to launch new podcast ‘The Art Of Asking Everything’

She'll be tackling "The Big Stuff" with a range of special guests

Amanda Palmer is launching a new podcast called The Art Of Asking Everything – check out the trailer below.

The weekly series will begin next Tuesday (September 29) and will see the cult musician, author and TED speaker participate in “deep and honest conversations” with a range of guests, including KT Tunstall, Tim Minchin, Lenny Henry, Laura Jane Grace and Susan Cain.

“Do you know that I love to talk to people? About hard and uncomfortable things? Well, I do,” Palmer says. “For this podcast, I sit down with (or occasionally, phone) guests from all walks of life: doctors, sex workers, musicians, writers, teachers, painters, parents, activists, TED speakers, friends…”


The podcast will delve into “The Big Stuff” and contain “music, tangents and best of all: NO BRANDING OR PAID ADVERTISEMENTS because we are 100% patron-supported.”

Palmer funded her career with fan support via the Patreon membership platform, where 15,000 patrons will gain access to exclusive new content.

“Being able to create this podcast using patronage also means that I don’t have to answer to a boss, rely on advertisement, or otherwise dilute the content of the conversation,” Palmer explains. “This podcast is produced purely by me and my home-team, for my community, with no added artificial ingredients.”

Tune into The Art Of Asking Everything via your desired streaming platform here.

Earlier this month, Palmer teamed up with Rhiannon Giddens for a cover of Portishead’s ‘It’s A Fire’ after being struck by its lines, “Because this life is a farce/ I can’t breathe in this mask… so breathe on, sister…


“I was stunned by the new application of those lyrics to these times, to COVID, to Black Lives Matter, to the emerging sisterhood that’s slowly uprooting the very, very rotting old system of racist and sexist hierarchy on this fragile globe. It gave me chills,” Palmer told NME upon the song’s release.

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