Ambulance LTD continue work on second album

John Cale’s work is just a part of the effort

Ambulance Ltd are continuing to work on their second album, following a stint in the studio with John Cale last year.

As previously reported [url=]here, the Velvet Underground legend spent a spell in the studio with frontman Marcus Congleton last fall in Los Angeles, resulting in 18 tracks.

Ambulance Ltd split in 2006, with Congleton subsequently acquiring ownership of the band name after a legal wrangle, which delayed the second album’s progress.

Ambulance has suffered some unwelcome reality doses in the past couple of years” Congleton admits. “Many songs have been written and recorded but legal battles, interpersonal dramas, and spiritual meltdowns have stilted our sophomore effort.”

Congleton recently returned to New York where he’s been busy working on new material.

“We recorded a load of songs with John Cale and Rick Parker but now have an additional four that we want to lay down,” he said. “There really will be a new album very soon – and it will be great!”

–By our New York staff.

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