Frontman Casey Chaos tells NME.COM that he's "overwelemed" by the online 'Cash For Chaos' campaign

Amen have told NME.COM they hope a fan petition may lead to the eventual release of their new album.

The group were putting the final touches to their third album for Ross Robinson’s Virgin imprint, I Am, when it parted ways with the company earlier this year. This left Virgin in possession of the master tapes, with the cash-strapped group unable to buy them back.

As a result, Amen fans across the world have started an online ‘Cash For Chaos’ petition to get the record released.


Speaking to NME.COM from the US yesterday (March 21), singer Casey Chaos said that although the album will not be released by Virgin, he hoped fan pressure may mean the album could eventually see the light of day.

He said: “I’m overwhelmed. I never thought this would stir up such a response from the kids. It’s amazing because I’m not much of an Internet person. We’re totally grateful that people are really passionate about it. That’s a lot of work I really admire. It’s about having an opinion and making a statement.

“The band is overwhelmed. Due to that response it seems like we’re going to be able to get our record. They’re not going to give it to us (free), but it seems like we’re going to be able to get it …”

Chaos said that the 15 songs that comprise the third Amen album are recorded but not mixed, and they hope to tour Europe later in the year to raise funds.

However, he said that the group are definitely not splitting up and have no hard feelings toward Virgin.

He continued: “The band is definitely carrying on. This record has to come out. I put so much of myself in to this record, ignoring doctors. I’d come in the studio and (producer) Ross (Robinson) would be in tears.


“We want to be on a label that lets us have total artistic freedom. Which is why I won’t talk shit about Virgin because for them to put out the album that we did (‘We Have Come For Your Parents’) is a bold move and I respect that, especially Virgin Worldwide.”