Casey Chaos says Timothy McVeigh is a "product of the American dream"...

AMEN‘s CASEY CHAOS has spoken out in defence of OKLAHOMA bomber TIMOTHY McVEIGH, who is due to be executed imminently.

Chaos told NME.COM that American society was to blame for McVeigh’s bombing of the Murrah federal government building, which left 168 people dead in 1995. Nineteen of the victims were children.

The singer’s comments come in the week that letters written by McVeigh explaining his actions have been published in The Observer newspaper. McVeigh was due to be executed by lethal injection today (May 16) at Indiana’s Terre Haute Penitentiary, although this has now been delayed.


McVeigh wrote: “Borrowing a page from US foreign policy, I decided to send a message to a government that was becoming increasingly hostile by bombing a government building and the employees within that building.”

McVeigh, a Gulf War veteran, said he waited for two years for justice for the 75 people who died during a botched federal raid on the cult at Waco, Texas, in 1993.

Casey Chaos told NME.COM: “Tim McVeigh was a product of the pure, true American dream. He was born to be in the army, he was born to be a murderer, and that’s what he became.

“I can’t get over how fucked that guy got. And, like a man, as opposed to being like most of these murderers, he said, ‘Listen, I killed these people, I did this, I am a bad person, put me to death’.”

Chaos added: “Without a doubt I would not say that him blowing up the building was a wise move. But knowing his upbringing, and knowing that he was in Desert Storm, he was the perfect soldier, and he comes home and he sees what happens to Waco, Texas. When Tim McVeigh saw that on television, the FBI murdering innocent people, children, that was his backlash.”