Casey Chaos accuses his old label of cashing in on the band''s success by reissuing their 1999 debut...

AMEN frontman CASEY CHAOS has urged fans not to buy the band’s reissued debut album, and has accused his old label of cashing in.

Speaking during a break in the NME Carling Awards tour, Chaos revealed his anger at the reissue of the 1999 ‘Amen’ album this week (January 29). The record was originally released through Roadrunner, but Amen then moved to Virgin because of disagreements about the way the band was being handled.

Following the recent success of Amen’s latest album, ‘We Have Come For Your Parents’, Roadrunner have reissued the ‘Amen’ album complete with four extra tracks taken from the ‘Coma America’ EP.

Chaos told NME.COM: “I’m not surprised to be honest with you, coming from that fucking label. My statement is: ‘Don’t buy our record’. Just don’t buy the fucking album. What I want to do is just press up 1000 CDs of the B-sides (from ‘Coma America’) and give them away at the shows for free or tell people to go to fucking Napster.”

Amen’s dispute with Roadrunner came to a head when the band’s support slot on Monster Magnet’s 1999 European tour was cancelled.

“We were supposed to come to Europe but the label pulled our tour support,” explained Chaos. “The band lost $10,000 of our own money because they pulled the tour support ten days before our first European tour. So then we had to write off that album just to get off the label, which was fine. I don’t want kids to think we’re making any money out of this (reissue). We wrote that album off completely so we get no money.”

A spokeswoman for Roadrunner UK explained: “At the time, the label in America wanted Amen to work on their second album rather than go out on tour. The band said it was not what they wanted and it was mutually agreed that they should leave the label.”

Amen’s new single ‘Too Hard To Be Free’ is out on February 5 through Virgin.

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