Ross Robinson slams the genre for being full of "bottom feeders"...

ROSS ROBINSON, the man largely credited with kick-starting the US nu-metal explosion, has slated the genre for being full of “bottom feeders”.

Robinson, who has produced amongst others Limp Bizkit, Deftones and Slipknot, added that his current favourite album is Doves ‘Lost Souls’ and that he will look to the UK for future talent.

Speaking to industry paper Music Week (September 2), the former sportz metal guru said: “I am looking at a couple of things in the UK. I feel like there is a surge coming from over there. In the US the whole Adidas-rock thing is so old and beat-up, it’s like everyone is in this mindlock, this creative nothingness. Rap-metal is dead – there’s so many bottom-feeder bands sucking the life out of it.”


Though keen to add names to the roster of his new I Am Recordings label, Robinson stopped short of saying exactly who he had his eye on. He described his most recent signings, US metal band Amen, as “the most extreme band I have ever worked with”.