And this week's NME.COM's cover stars call themselves hard...

AMEN, the much-talked-about US hard rockers, were forced to halt their show in BARCELONA for a time last night (November 16) after frontman CASEY CHAOS knocked himself out when an onstage stunt went wrong.

The uncompromising singer knocked himself unconscious within minutes of the band beginning their set. While leaping from the drum rider during show opener ‘CK Killer’, Chaos smacked his head against the low ceiling of the 500-capacity Gartage club, and was carried from the stage by concerned minders. The rest of the band stopped playing, but, after around ten minutes, several of which he had been out cold, Chaos insisted on going on with the show.

The singer, renowned for fearsome onstage antics, including self-mutilation, was examined by a doctor late last night. Despite being advised to rest, he has insisted that Amen, this week’s cover stars on the NME (November 18), play their gig tonight at Madrid’s Sala club.


The dates are part of Amen’s first headlining European tour. They round up in the UK during in early December.

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