Casey Chaos gets a bit careless with a broken bottle...

AMEN mainman CASEY CHAOS was hospitalised last night (December 12) after slashing his arms on stage at the LONDON LA2.

According to eyewitness reports, Amen performed a rare encore, and halfway through ‘No Cure For The Pure’, Chaos picked up a bottle of vodka and threw it at the amplifiers on stage. He then went over to the amps, picked up a broken section of the bottle and started stabbing at his arm.

One eyewitness told NME.COM: “It was during the last encore he started cutting himself up. He was holding his microphone in his right hand and while he was singing and talking, he was slashing his forearm that was holding the mic with a piece of glass or something, I couldn’t really see.

“Before he started, he said something like ‘You know the press? Well, no-one can hurt you as much as you can hurt yourself. No-one can hurt you as much as you can hurt yourself’, and kept repeating this over and over. It was really theatrical. That was the most disturbing thing about it, apart from the fact there was blood everywhere.

“Just before he started hacking himself, he said ‘I’m the living embodiment of what a rock star is not. I’m like you, Fred Durst is a rock star, I’m fucking not. Courtney Love is a rock star, I’m fucking not’.”

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM this morning that Chaos “struck somewhere he had hit before” which led to heavy bleeding. After leaving the stage he was rushed to an undisclosed hospital in London where he had his arm dressed. He then went to the Radio 1 office in central London to do an interview on Mary Ann Hobbs’ rock show before returning to hospital where he had a number of stitches in his arm.

The band are now on route to their show at the Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, which will take place this evening (December 13) as usual.

The spokesperson for Amen said the incident had “nothing to do with the band’s music”. She continued: “He does it every now and again because he has breathing difficulties and he gets frustrated when he can’t sing, and he cuts himself as a result.”