The band claim a stash of cocaine was planted on their tourbus in Amsterdam...

AMEN were caught up in a drugs drama last week in AMSTERDAM, when they claim that a stash of cocaine was planted on their tourbus.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM at their Manchester show on Saturday (December 9), singer Casey Chaos said he went into his bunk on the band’s bus to find a sack-full of dirty clothes containing a toiletry bag bound with Scotch tape.

He said: “I remember when I used to do drugs when I was a kid that drugs were taped up like that. I went to the back of the bus and shouted ‘What the fuck is this? It’s in my bunk’.”

Chaos insisted that the bag was opened up: “Someone pulled a knife out to open the bag and there’s about two or three pounds of cocaine, a solid rock of cocaine as well, four bullets in a plastic baggy, a couple of little empty baggies of cocaine. I fucking just yelled ‘Get everyone up here now. Does anybody know anything

about this?? Everybody’s freaking out. I go ‘I’m gonna tell the driver to pull

over right now I’m throwing this in the fucking canal.’ So the driver pulls over

and Bill, the tour manager, has it.” He said one of two men who had been hanging out with the driver of the tourbus offered to dispose of the bag, and then disappeared.

Fearing that one of the men was tangled up in possible trafficking of drugs, they asked for their driver to be replaced.

Amen have a stringent no-drugs policy, stemming from Chaos’ well-documented teenage drug abuse, which has contributed to his current health problems. The singer

plans to go into hospital over the Christmas period to come off his


The band play Sheffield Leadmill tonight (December 11), London Astoria 2 tomorrow and Wolverhampton Wulfrun

Hall on Wednesday. They kick off their US tour on

January 3 at the Wreck Room in Wallington, New Jersey.