Amy MacDonald reveals regret of breaking news of Oasis split to the world

"It just makes me look like a gossip," she said

Amy MacDonald has said she regrets being the person who broke news of the Oasis split to the world.

MacDonald was one of the artists performing at the Rock en Seine festival in 2009 when she saw a fight break out between Noel and Liam Gallagher backstage.

“Oasis cancelled with one minute to stage time,” she wrote on Twitter. “Liam smashed Noel’s guitar, huge fight.” You can see the full thread of tweets she sent below.


The tweet led to a huge media storm surrounding the band’s break-up, with MacDonald’s tweet mentioned in every story. Looking back, she’s revealed that she feels guilty about being the one to break the news.

“I tweeted before anybody else did about the bust-up. It ended up that if you googled Oasis, there’d be stories about them splitting and I was mentioned in every one,” she told the Daily Record.

“One of my managers, Alex, said that he actually found out because he’d seen my tweet, so I broke the news to the world.”

She added that the break-up came towards the end of my very first album campaign, meaning that her involvement meant that it re-entered the charts because her name was “mentioned in so many Oasis chats and articles.”


She added: “I’m not sure it is something to be proud of. It just makes me look like a gossip.”

The Gallagher brothers have not performed on stage together since 2009. Meanwhile, Former-Oasis member Bonehead joined Liam Gallagher during his support slot at the Rolling Stones show last night (May 22).

Gallagher also dedicated a poignant performance of ‘Live Forever’ to Manchester during the show, marking the one year anniversary since the arena attack.