Amy Winehouse producer Salaam Remi: ”Hidden Treasures’ is not a Tupac situation’

Producer also says he sees 'no point in the songs withering away on a hard drive'

Amy Winehouse‘s producer Salaam Remi has given assurances that the release of the singer’s posthumous album ‘Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures’ will not be the start of an avalanche of new material.

The producer, who worked on both Winehouse‘s studio albums, told NME that the release would not lead to “a Tupac situation”, making reference to seven posthumous studio albums that have been released since rapper Tupac died in 1996.

The album will be released on December 5 and features 12 tracks, including three covers and a number of previously unreleased tracks. You can read an in depth preview of the album, which has been written by NME’s Dan Martin, by visiting NME.COM/blogs. You can see the artwork for the album at the top of your screen now.


Remi, who has put the record together along with Mark Ronson, has said he believes “it makes no sense for these songs to be sitting on a hard drive withering away” and has said he believed Winehouse was “at the top of what she did” when she was writing these songs.

He said:

A lot of people, through the other antics that were going on with her personally, didn’t get that she was at the top of what she did. Coming to Miami was her escape from all of that, and her writing process could document her life, whether it was recording the pain or the loneliness or the humour. It makes no sense for these songs to be sitting on a hard drive, withering away.

£1 from each copy of ‘Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures’ that is sold will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the charity set up in the singer’s honour.

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