Amy Winehouse’s boyfriend Reg Traviss: ‘Drugs were not part of her world when she died’

But the director believes her death was a consequence of her past drink and drug abuse

Amy Winehouse‘s boyfriend Reg Traviss has said the late singer had no interest in drugs during their time together.

The director said she never took any illegal substances during their two-year relationship together, despite her well documented years of abuse before. He told The Daily Mirror:

She had been involved in drugs long before we were together. That was in the past, that was not a bit of her life.

He added: “You couldn’t put her in a room with drugs, it just wasn’t her world anymore. She had nothing to do with drugs, had no interest in drugs, all that was in the past.”


The cause of Winehouse’s death is still to be determined , but drugs were ruled out following a toxicology report which found “no illegal substances” in her system.

Despite a shambolic drunken performance in Belgrade in the weekss leading up to her death, Traviss is also adamant that she drank no more “than a lot of people her age”.

But he said he is convinced her past drink and drug abuse took its toll and ultimately caused her death. He said: “What happened was a reaction to the abuse she had put her body through a few years ago. These things take a strain and if the body gets strained it takes its toll.”

Traviss added: “I believe that’s what it was and I think that the seizures she had been having were a consequence of that.”

Traviss has also recently revealed that the pair were set to wed before her death in July.

A report which outlined the circumstances surrounding Winehouse’s death was sent to a member of the public by mistake, it was revealed at the weekend.

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