Amy Winehouse foundation delayed after name is bought by someone else

Mitch Winehouse reveals someone else has bought the name 'The Amy Winehouse Foundation'

The setting up of a foundation in honour of Amy Winehouse has been delayed after someone else registered the rights to the name ‘The Amy Winehouse Foundation’.

According to BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, the late singer’s father Mitch has said that though he is constantly receiving donations, he doesn’t “know what do with them at the moment” as the foundation is still to be set up.

He said:

Somebody else pinched it [the name] off of us before we could get it registered. All these donations which are coming in – we don’t know what to do with them at the moment.


The singer’s father has said that though he has had “to hold off” on plans to set the foundation up currently, he is determined to make it happen and plans to help children when it eventually gets going.

He added:

The plan is to help all children – not just rehabilitation, not just substance abuse. It’s to help all children in need. If you cannot afford a private rehabilitation clinic, there is a two-year waiting list for help.

An investigation into the cause of Amy Winehouse‘s death is still ongoing, with more results expected to come in October.