A dozen unreleased Amy Winehouse songs to stay locked in Island Records’ vault

The late singer said she never wanted the tracks made public

Around 12 unreleased Amy Winehouse songs are to stay locked up in the Island Records vault.

Her record label have spoken out about the dozen or so tracks and have said that they will never be heard by the public, as Winehouse herself did not want them released.

According to Island executives the tracks are impressive, but because of the late singer’s wishes, the versions that the label owns will never see the light of day. Island boss Ted Cockle says that the unreleased song ‘Procrastinate’ is ‘loved’ by everyone who hears it, but added in an interview with Music Week: “If you ever hear ‘Procrastinate’, you have my permission to come into my offices here in Kensington and fire me.”

However, as the Guardian have pointed out, a version of the track, called ‘Procrastination’, is already available to hear on YouTube and has had over a million views. Listen to the song below:

It was recently revealed by producer Salaam Remi that Amy Winehouse was planning to record and release an album with a “jazz supergroup”.

The late singer was apparently planning to put together a jazz album with a “supergroup”, which she hoped would include The Roots?uestlove and saxophone player Soweto Kinch.

Remi also told the Associated Press that Winehouse had written all the songs that she wanted to appear on her third album and had even picked out song titles.