Swiss political party slammed after using a photo of Amy Winehouse in new anti-drug campaign

Young SVP says the singer put a 'sad reality before our eyes'

A Swiss political party has sparked controversy after they included a picture of Amy Winehouse in a new campaign poster to discourage the relaxing of drug laws.

The party, which are known as the Young SVP and operate as the youth brand of the Swiss People’s Party, have created a poster which shows Winehouse apparently under the influence of drugs and a slogan that translates as: “No – to the decriminalisation of drugs.”

According to Swiss source The Local, the poster, which has thus far only been made available online, has been heavily criticised by the singer’s fans, who have branded it as “tasteless”, but the party, who have yet to decide whether they will print a physical version of the poster for distribution, are unrepentant.

Grégory Logean, president of Young SVP Unterwallis said:

The death of Amy Winehouse put a sad reality before our eyes that other parties often forget – the harmful effects of drug consumption. It is not our methods which are shocking – it is reality. We are displaying a photo that the whole world already knows. Winehouse was known not only for her songs, but above all for her drug excesses.

This isn’t the first time the SVP has been criticized for its controversy stirring campaign material. The right-wing party has used posters which featured black sheep being kicked out of Switzerland, hands grabbing a Swiss passport and recently ran a campaign against the building of Minarets.