Mark Ronson dedicates ‘Back To Black’ to Amy Winehouse during Ibiza gig

Producer says he's lost 'a great friend'

Mark Ronson dedicated a rendition of ‘Back To Black’ to Amy Winehouse during his gig in Ibiza last Friday (July 29).

The producer, who worked with Winehouse on the album of the same name, performed a rendition of the track live with Charlie Waller of The Rumble Strips on lead vocals, according to MTV News.

Ronson said from the stage:

I don’t wanna get super deep and morbid here, but she was a great friend of mine, a great fucking musician and somebody that gave us a shit load a brilliant music through all of our lives.

He continued:

Her music is going to be with us forever and that’s some fucking good shit and the good shit is that I can lose somebody whose fucking like a sister to me and then come here and play music for you and feel better about everything.

Ronson also said Winehouse was a fan of The Rumble Strips, though she was was notoriously picky when it came to new music.

He added:

Amy famously never liked anything. Before I met him, Charlie [Waller] and his band did a cover of this song that me and Amy wrote and I remember playing it to Amy one time and saying ‘check out this cover of a band I kinda like did’ and she goes ‘yeah, it’s the nuts’ – that was one of her favourite expressions.

The producer had previously described Winehouse as his “musical soulmate” and said her passing had marked “one of the saddest days of his life.”

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