Mark Ronson labels Amy Winehouse ‘one of the best lyricists of this generation’ at film screening

Ronson talks about new film 'Amy' in interview

Mark Ronson has praised the recent Amy Winehouse documentary, as well as the late singer herself, in a new interview.

Winehouse passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at the age of 27. A feature-length documentary about her life, Amy was released in cinemas earlier this month (July 3) and broke a UK box office record in its opening weekend.

Speaking to the Guardian at Australia’s Splendour In The Grass Festival, where the film was being screened, Ronson – who worked with the singer on her second album ‘Back To Black’ – referred to Winehouse as “one of the best lyricists of this generation”.

He added: “You see the lyrics on the screen, you remember how amazing they were, even the lyrics from before I worked with her, like ‘Stronger than Me’.”

The DJ/producer also bemoaned that the pair never recorded more music together, having only spent 10 days working on ‘Back To Black’.

“I wish it was more time because I’d have more memories of it, but it was just a really wonderful, meeting someone, hitting it off right away and just being partners in crime.”

Ronson also described himself as being “very emotional watching 80% of the movie”, adding that it was “a bit like hanging out with an old friend again”.

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Mark Ronson recently discussed how the singer’s legacy will grow even after her death. He told Esquire: “It’s the same thing as Cobain, Lennon, Tupac and those rock’n’roll legends: [Winehouse’s legacy] will get bigger,”

“It’d be great if she hadn’t had to die. People would still love the music, ‘cos people loved it when she was around. But her passing is going to have an effect.”