Piers Morgan hits out at Amy Winehouse’s record company after singer’s death

Broadcaster claims those around Winehouse did not do enough to help

Piers Morgan has hit out at Amy Winehouse‘s record company and promoters in the wake of the singer’s death.

The broadcaster claimed that Winehouse, who passed away at the weekend, did not receive enough support from “the people making money out of her” as she battled her personal problems.

He told Access Hollywood:

I do blame people. Where were all the people making money out of her when it mattered? Really, where were they? You know, it’s just not good enough that they’re all going to make millions out of it now she’s dead. You know, the album ‘Back To Black’ is number one… but people let her down.

Morgan, whose brother-in-law played in Winehouse‘s touring band, also warned against romaticising the singer’s death as part of the so-called ’27 Club’ of musicians who died at the same age. He continued: “I kind of [know] the travails of her career of the last few years – not turning up to concerts… and it’s just really sad. What else do you say? I mean, she joined this terrible ’27 Club’. There will be people out there that think it’s cool. It’s not.

“The kid was this big, with the most incredible talent we’ve seen in Britain for 25 years.”

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