Amy Winehouse’s father doesn’t want her to win a posthumous Brit Award

Mitch says he's backing Adele for success in the ‘Best Female Solo Artist’ category

Amy Winehouse’s dad has stated he hopes his daughter doesn’t win a posthumous prize at The Brit Awards tonight (February 24).

The singer – who died back in July 2011 – is up for the ‘Best Female Solo Artist’ award at the ceremony, with Winehouse being recognised for the original soundtrack to documentary film Amy which was released last year, making it eligible for consideration.

Speaking of her nomination on This Morning, Winehouse said: “At least she’s being nominated for her music, for the soundtrack from the film, so that’s quite positive and it just shows you Amy’s still up for awards five years after her passing.”

However, he went on to reveal that he’s backing Adele to win the accolade over the ‘Back To Black’ star, explaining: “Yeah, because it’s as a result of the film, the soundtrack of the film. You know really Adele should win it hands down shouldn’t she?

“But I’m not sure how people win the Brit awards I don’t know if it’s on number of albums sold, I haven’t got a clue.”

Winehouse continued: “Weird, we only found out that the qualifications to be nominated is be in the Top 40 last year. You have Jess Glynne, Adele… at least she is being nominated for her music.”

When asked about the film Amy, Mitch stated: “Frankly the movie is a sham. They left lots of stuff out… Anybody who was any part of Amy’s life in the last three or four years was not in the film. Reg, her boyfriend, he was instrumental in making sure that she stayed off drugs.

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“People don’t realise after seeing that film, they still think she died of a drugs overdose, what kind of a film is it that leaves people in doubt how she died? No mention of that she was clear of drugs for three years.”

He went on to talk about his own project about Winehouse’s life, titled Letter To Amy, adding: “We have to make sure this isn’t the defining image of Amy… We are moving towards, let’s not call it a film, although it will probably end up as a film, working on a project called Letter To Amy, [including] people who have been excluded from that film, [with] a guy called Phil Griffin who did the ‘Rehab’ and ‘Back To Black’ documentaries and we’re going to be working and doing our own thing.”

Last week, Winehouse’s close friend Carl Barat revealed he finds it too difficult to watch Amy , adding her passing is still “fucking devastating”.