Virgin Media and Universal to offer unlimited music downloads

Downloads from Amy Winehouse, Girls Aloud and La Roux to be available for monthly fee

Internet service provider Virgin Media has announced that it has joined up with record label Universal in order to offer subscribers unlimited music downloads for a monthly fee.

The price of the service, which should be launched before Christmas this year, has not yet been officially released but it is said to be equal to roughly the cost of a couple of albums per month (£20-£30).

There will also be a cheaper service available for people who only want a few downloads a month. Universal artists including Amy Winehouse, Girls Aloud and La Roux could see their music offered as part of the service.

Users of the forthcoming service will be able to put their downloaded tracks on any MP3 player, and will be able to keep them – even if they terminate their subscription.

In order for the service to go ahead, Virgin Media has promised that it will clamp down on internet piracy, suspending customers’ accounts if they ignore warnings about illegally sharing files, reports BBC News.

Virgin Media is looking at signing up further record labels to the service.