Blake Fielder-Civil: ‘Amy Winehouse smoked a crack pipe during gigs’

Ex-husband reveals more about his past with the singer

Amy Winehouse‘s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil has claimed that the singer was so addicted to crack cocaine that she would smoke the drug between songs during her gigs.

Fielder-Civil, who was divorced from Winehouse on July 16, says the singer would carry drug paraphernalia with her wherever she went, including her own gigs.

Amy would stumble off [stage], with her hands out waiting for the crack pipe. She smoked after every song and without her next hit, she wouldn’t go on. It’s no wonder she couldn’t sing properly,” he told The Sun.

“The only thing she cared about was her crack pipe. We carried a crack pipe with us all the time. If we went out to dinner, Amy would get it out and hide under the table so she could have a quick hit. She was quite blatant about it, and no one ever questioned her.”

Fielder-Civil also admitted that it was he who first introduced Winehouse to heroin, in late 2006. “Amy took to heroin like a duck to water, same as me,” he explained.

Yesterday (July 27), Fielder-Civil spoke of watching Winehouse “die right in front of me” after a drug binge in 2007. The singer had to be admitted to hospital in order to make a recovery.