Amy Winehouse drugs plotter sent to jail

Couple sold images of the singer taking drugs to a newspaper

A man who filmed and then sold images of Amy Winehouse allegedly smoking crack cocaine to a tabloid newspaper has been jailed for supplying her with drugs.

John Blagrove, 34, from Dalston, east London, sold the footage to The Sun for £50,000, reports BBC News.

Blagrove, along with his partner Cara Burton, 22, admitted offering to supply the drugs at a party in January 2008.

Both Blagrove and Burton appeared in London‘s Snaresbrook Crown Court today (December 12). Blagrove was jailed for two years, while Burton received a suspended sentence.

Winehouse was interviewed by police about the incident, and admitted that she had taken drugs, believed to be crack cocaine and MDMA.

Blagrove and Burton both pleaded guilty to selling the drugs.