Amy Winehouse’s dad speaks out on Blake, touring and ghostly gran

Plus Mitch Winehouse issues health warning to daughter

Amy Winehouse‘s father has suggested the singer has been getting advice from her dead grandmother as she attempts to deal with her relationship with husband Blake Civil-Fielder, quitting drugs and recording a new album.

Speaking to Sky News, Mitch Winehouse revealed his daughter would take a break from touring in September and claimed that the pair of them have been visited by his late mother in their dreams.

“We keep having dreams about my mum [who passed away a couple of years ago]. Amy had one last night, in fact,” he told the news channel today (July 12). “My mum said to Amy, ‘I’m not very pleased with you Amy – I’m unhappy with you’. Amy asked, ‘why Nan?’ and she replied, ‘because you’re not fulfilling your potential’.

“Maybe my mum needs to work a bit harder from the other side.”

Mitch Winehouse also described his daughter and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil as being in the “last chance saloon”.

Blake has made a good effort in prison. But I don’t think he’s clean now and when he comes out he needs to, and will, go straight into rehab. Blake introduced Amy to hard drugs, everyone in the world knows that – apart from Blake‘s mum and dad,” he claimed.

“I do believe love can conquer all – I think they can have a happy ending. I would say it’s last chance saloon if he comes out and they go back to doing what they were doing before. So, maybe as far as Amy is concerned, it’s last chance saloon. She’s got a serious health problem and she can’t carry on like that.”

Mitch explained that the singer was recovering from an early case of emphysema in the top of one of her lungs, which could be made worse by anything – including smoking.

“It’s negligible, but it could lead to something a lot more serious. Anything inhaled into her lungs is going to cause her a lot more damage. I want people to understand, even if they give her one cigarette, they’re causing her harm,” he explained.

“Had she carried on [the way she was last summer when she went to hospital] she could have been dead within six months,” he said, adding that his daughter was keen to quit drugs.

Amy‘s a normal person, she’s not under house arrest – she understands what her problems are. She was the one who decided to go on the drug rehabilitation programme,” he claimed. “My biggest fear is that she will die – and she wouldn’t die from a drug overdose. It would be from emphysema, if she didn’t check her behaviour – which she has done.”

Mitch Winehouse also confirmed that the singer will cease performing live for the foreseeable future from September.

“From September 6, we’re not going to be doing any more work. Amy will be concentrating on writing for the new album,” he revealed. “She has five contractual gigs between now and then that she has to do. Then she will be relaxing and writing.”

For the full interview see Sky News.

Meanwhile Amy Winehouse will be playing the Oxegen Festival today (July 12), stay tuned to NME.COM for a full report live from the site.