Mark Ronson: ‘I didn’t realise Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’ would be a hit’

Producer admits he didn't expect single to be so successful

Mark Ronson has admitted he did not realise what a big hit Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Rehab’ be.

The producer worked on the track during the sessions for the star’s massive-selling 2006 album ‘Back To Back’ and explained while he was pleased with his efforts, he had no idea the song would be a commercial hit.

“Doing ‘Back to Black’ with Amy, we felt no pressure at all to come up with hits,” Ronson told The Times. “We were in our own bubble, just making music we liked. So while I knew it was good, I had no idea why her A&R guy saw dollar signs the very instant we first played him ‘Rehab’.”

Ronson who has since worked with the likes of Lily Allen and most recently Kaiser Chiefs, added that despite his production successes he still questions his ability, admitting: “Still before every new job I’m racked with a massive insecurity: ‘OK, this’ll be the one that exposes me as a fraud and a talentless fuck!’.”