Amy Winehouse fans will not be ‘ripped off’ with posthumous albums

Mitch Winehouse says: "There is no more new music."

There will be no more ‘new’ Amy Winehouse albums released, her father Mitch has confirmed.

Mitch Winehouse revealed that although there are some unheard versions of Amy’s most-loved material available, he would not want to “rip-off” fans.

Winehouse spoke to BBC News as a sculpture of his daughter was unveiled in London’s Camden on Saturday (September 13), on what would have been the singer’s 31st birthday.

Asked about the possibility of hearing a new album from Winehouse, Mitch said: “We’re not about to put out new albums with different takes on ‘Back To Black’. She probably did 15 different versions of ‘Back To Black’ but we wouldnt do that, it’s not fair. We dont want to rip people off. There is no more new music.”

Meanwhile, when told about people opposing the erection of statue in Camden, Winehouse was defiant. “Let them come and take it down,” he said. “They’ll have to fight their way through millions of fans who do think it should be there.”

The life-size memorial was designed by Scott Eaton and was erected at the Stables Market, not far from the house where the singer died in July 2011. The monument was originally going to be located at the Roundhouse venue, but a decision was taken to move it to the market to make it more accessible.