Glastonbury 2008: Amy Winehouse still ‘intends’ to perform

Singer also hopeful for Nelson Mandela concert in London

Amy Winehouse is still intending to perform at Glastonbury Festival on June 28, despite having been in hospital since Monday (June 16).

The singer is also confident she will perform at the Nelson Mandela concert in London‘s Hyde Park on June 27.

Amy Winehouse was admitted to hospital after fainting in her London home on June 16.

Speaking to BBC News today, a spokesperson for the singer said: “At present she still intends to perform at her two scheduled dates next week.

“However, the decision will be made entirely on the advice of her doctors and in her best interests. Amy has undergone more scans and tests today and we are awaiting the verdict of her doctors.”

According to her father Mitch, Winehouse is planning to stay in hospital for as long as possible.