Mitch Winehouse: ‘Amy’s self-harm is more to do with Blake’

Singer's father explains Fielder-Civil's influence

Amy Winehouse‘s father has blamed his daughter’s self-harming on the influence of her husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

Mitch Winehouse claims that the singer and her partner, currently serving 27 months in jail for assault and perverting the course of justice, would self-harm to limit the effect of drugs withdrawal.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, he explained that the self-harm was “more to do with Blake [Fielder-Civil]. He explained to me that when they’re going into [drug] withdrawal, if they cut themselves, it takes away the pain.”

Mitch Winehouse also explained how his daughter draws inspiration for her music, saying: “She only writes songs from her personal experiences, and they’re all more or less painful. It’s a shame. But that’s the way she is.

Amy can be creative when most other people would be checking into a hospice. When she can hardly stand up she’s got her books in front of her, scribbling away.”