Amy Winehouse to be questioned by police

Singer faces quiz over husband's case

Amy Winehouse will be questioned by police in relation to charges against her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, who is set to enter a plea for perverting the course of justice in January.

Fielder-Civil was arrested after allegedly planning to pay James King, a victim in an alleged assault case involving the singer’s husband, to withdraw a statement he made to police.

Police will question Winehouse with regards to where Fielder-Civil, who described himself as a music video worker, would have found the money to make such a payment.

They have recognised her as the big earner in the couple.

“We do want to talk to her about matters,” a source from Scotland Yard told The Sun. “particularly financial ones, which may be important in this case.”

They added: “It seems that in her marriage she has been the breadwinner and has kept her husband in pocket money. We have looked at their financial affairs and there are questions we’d like to ask her.”