Amy Winehouse’s ‘Bond’ theme pulled by Mark Ronson

'Quantum Of Solace' theme tune ditched

Amy Winehouse‘s Bond theme has been pulled by producer Mark Ronson due to her erractic behaviour.

The two fell out during the recording of the theme song to ‘Quantum Of Solace’ reports The Sun.

Ronson said : “We did work on it but we never finished it. I don’t think it will happen unless by some miracle it gets recorded and someone sings on it. I’m not sure Amy is ready to work on music yet.”


The pair began collaborating on the track at Ronson’s studio in Henley, Oxfordshire, last month but their sessions soon deteriorated.

However Winehouse‘s spokesman said: “Mark presented a track to Amy, but she had other ideas about the direction it should take. We’re sure they will continue to make great music together.

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