Amy Winehouse and Razorlight’s local pub damaged in Camden fire

Mark Ronson and Mighty Boosh haunt Hawley Arms caught up in London blaze

Amy Winehouse’s local pub, The Hawley Arms, based in London’s Camden area, has suffered severe fire damage.

At around 7:10pm GMT tonight (February 9) a fire began sweeping through Camden, causing extensive damage to the famous Camden Market and surrounding properties. So far no-one is thought to have been injured by the fire.

Camden is a mecca for musicians, with venues such as Barfly, the Electric Ballroom and the Underworld being located near the site of the fire.

The fire is thought to have originated from a street behind the famous pub, which is frequented by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Razorlight, Mark Ronson and ‘The Mighty Boosh’’s Noel Fielding.

Doug Charles-Riddler, the landlord of the pub, told Sky News: “There are lots of questions which must be answered about how the fire has spread such a distance, up to 100 yards, in such a short time.

“I do not know the full extent of the damage as yet as I can’t get anywhere near my pub. Obviously as I wait I am fearing the worst.”

Razorlight’s Andy Burrows told NME.COM that it was “really sad to see the pictures of it on fire, the Hawley Arms has got a special place in Razorlight’s hearts.”

A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade explained that they would now be there for several days dampening down, and investigating the cause of the fire.

They spokesperson said that the fire spread quickly due to the density of the area. They maintained that after the involvement of at least 100 firefighters working during the blaze’s peak, the fire is now under control.

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